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$1,000+ Referral Rewards Program


With the growing need to provide more services to our Senior Citizens, our Sick and our Vulnerable in the community through our Healthcare Facilities in New York we hereby introduce an opportunity for you to get rewarded for helping your friends/family get a high-paying Healthcare job (Nurses, Nurse Aides etc).

This would enable us to expand our mission to appreciate and celebrate more Healthcare workers in New York for their outstanding dedication and selfless services in the healthcare industry.


Benefits to you:

  1. Refer 1 CNA – Get paid $150

  2. Refer 1 LPN/RN – Get paid $200

  3. Refer 3 LPNs/RNs – Get paid $200 Each Plus an extra $500

  4. Refer 5+ LPNs/RNs – Get paid $200 Each Plus an extra $1,000


Benefits to your Referrals:

  1. The above-mentioned Rewards also apply

  2. CNAs Pay: $680 - $2,500 Per Week

  3. LPNs Pay: $1,100 - $4,500 Per Week

  4. RNs Pay: $1,800 - $8,500 Per Week

  5. Orientation Bonus Pay

  6. Over-time Bonus Pay x 1.5

  7. Holidays Bonus Pay x 1.5

  8. Paid Weekly

  9. Flexible Schedule

  10. Location: Open CNA, LPN, RN positions in over 22 Facilities in New York



  1. Referrals must complete their 3 months (For Full-time workers) and 90 workdays (For Part-time workers) Orientation Bonus Eligibility Period*

  2. Referrals must have an active schedule to qualify for payment. If the referral leaves the facility it disqualifies the referral*

  3. Once you get paid for your referral bonus, your referral numbers start all over again


*This ensures protection against fake referrals


How to Refer

  1. Text or Email your referrals’ Name, Phone number, Email address, and Job position (CNA, LPN, RN) to 315-314-9828 or

  2. Follow up with your referrals to ensure they complete their 3 months or 90 workdays Orientation Bonus Eligibility Period


Please share this opportunity with family and friends

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