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In Contract execution, it is paramount that projects are managed with excellence to execute ahead of schedule and within the assigned budget while meeting the specified scope to satisfy the stakeholders. Government agencies rely on us to assist with the provision of reputable professional services to meet their urgent needs.


In consulting and business coaching, most Startups and Small Businesses come to us for solutions, but the truth is that the solutions are inside of you, the seeker, we just help you reach inwards to find them. Almost always, a problem might just be a problem because we look at it as a problem. Things actually get more interesting when we look at the problems as challenges. Right there, we take away the negativity associated with problems and replace it with the positive excitement of challenges, shifting the focus to seeking solutions.

We employ a consultative style approach in finding out your business challenges and use various business coaching methods to help you navigate through these challenges. We also help you learn from the challenges to enable you make better business decisions in the future.


Since 2007, we have been assisting Entrepreneurs, Startups and Small Businesses find solutions to various challenges militating against the atonement for a successful venture.

"Play is a huge part of every successful business because it keeps the boredom away from the workplace" - IkDelino

Here are a few good stories about us from some Startups and Small Businesses:

DRCoptions CLIENT STORY //  01

IkDelino has contributed positively to the growth of DRCoptions through business advise towards business development and sustainability. IkDelino has helped us with market survey and business analysis report..IkDelino's motivational talks has kept us going all these years.

                                            - Cheta, CEO


Richpon V.C Int'l - CLIENT STORY //  02


IkDelino has continually motivated me to be a better entrepreneur. His ability to connect with the heart and hold attention of the audience is outstanding.

                                             - Ugo, Director
​                                                                        (Canada)


Chloronova Inc. CLIENT STORY //  03

IkDelino is great at providing insight on creating effective messaging to accelerate customer engagement. IkDelino's Vlogs on the attitude needed for selling, gives sales people the right mindset to approach and convert difficult leads.

                                     - Ryan, CEO


B&GPayment Solutions CLIENT STORY //  04

IkDelino has been a very positive contributor to our company. IkDelino's insightfulness, analytical skills and drive to execute has helped us get our business off the ground and continue to grow.

                           - Zack, Co-founder 

                                     (Delaware, Curacao)

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