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CERTIFIED NURSE ASSISTANTS are much more than assistants. They are the foundation of every healthcare system. They are super indispensable because of the amazing works they do and the amount of care they put into their services for our elderly and our parents, our uncles and our aunties, our brothers and our sisters.

At IkDelino, we staff the most caring and passionate CNAs who really love what they do and we always celebrate them.

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Our NURSES and CNA's are properly screened and credentialed to ensure that your facility is equipped with the best staff who are genuinely passionate about their work. Our NURSES and CNA's not only take their assignments seriously, they also take genuine interest in making sure that the patients are well taken care of and your facility's growth and development is a top priority.



At IkDelino, we use a creative approach to ensure that your staffing challenges and needs are satisfied.


We provide you with highly qualified, certified and professional staff tailored to your specific needs.


We also guarantee you much better savings on all your staffing needs.

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They are professionals who make sure our loved ones get the best care and medication at the safest and most appropriate conditions. Their selfless dedication to patients and family is unmatched. Their level of professionalism is unquestionable. Their passion and work ethics is aligned with our company values, and that is why we stand out amongst the best.

At IkDelino we ensure our NURSES get the best reward they deserve for their awesome services and the enlightenment they need for their personal and professional growth. With collaboration and love, we can all make a difference.

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