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The Crown of Healthcare Superheroes

Arm yourself today with positive vibrations against negativity and protect your Crown

It might seem easy when you read this, however, it can be very difficult in execution


We at IkDelino Healthcare Staffing Agency wish to remind you today that as a Healthcare worker you are not just a superhero, you also have a crown of kindness, passion, care and love.

This crown should be the first thing you wear every morning because:

  • 1. Every morning you wake up is a blessing to our Senior Citizens and Vulnerable in the community

  • 2. Everyone one in the Community looks forward to your positive vibrations would greatly impact their day and cover them with compassion

  • 3. Most importantly, your crown automatically protects you and everyone around you from the negative energy that causes depression and helplessness.

So any time you are feeling overwhelmed or helpless, just remember that you have a crown on your head that radiates your amazing kindness, passion, care and love. So keep your head up to prevent your crown from dropping because your crown radiates the energy that brightens the world of everyone around you especially the Senior Citizens and vulnerable in the community.

Tips to protect your Crown?

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